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A Practical Guide to AI in Finance

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Understand how to successfully deploy AI for your business

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Course Overview

This workshop will explore key use cases to understand the challenges affecting AI adoption in finance and help develop a strategy to successfully implementation

Avoiding generalizations, this course will see, consultant and former Lead Data Scientist for PWC, Dr Christian Spindler, investigate AI use cases through a mix of presentations and demonstrations to provide guidance on tackling key hurdles affecting AI adoption and the strategies that can be taken to ensure successful AI deployment.


Date: TBC



Why choose this course?

What sets this programme apart?

  • Focused programme - This course has been designed to provide delegates a practical understanding on AI.
  • Relevant industry expertise - Delegates will be led by a practitioner with experience working in AI for the financial sector.
  • Engaging teaching style – The course will bring together demonstrations and presentations to enable delegates to fully comprehend the subject.
  • Real-life examples - By deep diving into AI use cases, delegates will be able to take inspiration by applying relevant elements to their own business model.

Job functions who would benefit

  • Chief Digital / Data Officers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Developers
  • General Directors / Managers with in financial
  • organization
  • Investment / Portfolio Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Risk and Compliance Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Business Development Managers

What to expect

Latest use cases:
We will analyse what is being done, how it has been done and what we can learn from

Investigation into key obstacles:
We will identify the key obstacles and look at various methods to overcome these

Expert knowledge:
Learn from a practitioner, formerly of PwC, who has experience in delivering AI projects for the financial service institutions

Learning outcomes

Benefits for Professional

  • Deliver an AI PoC specific to your business’ needs
  • Develop a robust strategy for implementing AI
  • Propose strategies on how to tackle challenges affecting AI adoption – such as data silos and team organisation
  • Make informed decisions for investing in AI
  • Identify new opportunities for using AI in your business
  • Recognise relevant regulations and how to comply to these while still befitting from AI

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Allow staff to make informed decisions regarding AI deployment
  • Highlight opportunities in which AI can be used to add value to the business
  • Mitigate business risk with a team knowledgeable on how to manage hurdles accompanying AI deployment
  • Ensure a well-structured team to enable successful AI deployment

Programme Details

Module 1

AI fundamentals for finance

  • Building on data: the value of high-quality data access for building AI-powered applications 
  • From core banking to client-facing systems: How do legacy data silos hinder AI adoption and how to overcome them?
  • How to integrate new data seamlessly and use it to enable AI-driven business cases?

Module 2

AI in the middle-office

  • How end-to-end digital workflows and machine learning can provide real-time controlling: Continuous liquidity management, stress testing and reporting
  • Efficient reporting with Natural Language Generation 
  • How to assess the reliability and risks of AI to cater responsible AI solutions to clients

Module 3

AI in client and investment management

  • Robo-advisory for automated portfolio management: Market overview, strategic implications, practical considerations
  • AI-driven ESG scoring and climate risk analysis for Climate Related Financial Disclosures

Module 4


  • From data to AI-powered applications: You will create an AI use case based on the pain-points faced in your organisation and present your strategy for its implementation
  • Building your AI road-map:  Building upon workshop 1, participants are redesigning their ideas to develop a road-map to design, develop and integrate an AI solution in their organization.

Course Director

Consultant and former
lead in Data Analytics for IoT at PwC

With over 10 years’ experience in data science and artificial intelligence as well as holding a PHD in physics and M.B.A from St. Gallen University, Christian is a technology and business expert for Robotics and Deep Learning design and application.

Having previously worked as a Senior Manager at PwC Switzerland, where he led the IoT & AI activities within the data analytics department and conducted multiple projects in the Financial Services segments, Christian now works as a
consultant and supports companies in their transformation to AI-driven organisation.

His approach to data and analytics workshops is to involve the audience into actively testing and playing with concepts and solutions, to maximize the learning process and foster ideation.


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