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Introduction to Programming with Python

Free Online Course

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Course Overview

Python is a high-level programming language and is a popular choice among thousands of companies from start-ups to the likes of Google, Facebook and NASA. But why should you learn Python? Well the options it enables are endless, from web development and scripting to data science, and with python becoming the preferred language for machine learning the demand for this skill is unparalleled and will remain so for time to come.

This free online training programme, in partnership with the AI Summit, helps you to develop fundamental Python skills. Our expert, Rick Copeland, will guide you through the language and enable you to, install and configure Python, create basic Python scripts, perform text processing in Python and create a modular Python application.

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Why choose this course?

Why study this course?

At the end of this course, delegates will:

  • Learn to install and configure Python
  • Create basic Python scripts
  • Perform text processing in Python
  • Create a modular Python application
  • Gain the knowledge to move onto more advanced courses

Who is it for?

Python is a skill in high demand for various functions across all industries, so whether you’re wanting to automate menial tasks or a programmer wanting to get a start in data science, this course will be beneficial.

The Innovation Academy is working in partnership with The AI Summit to deliver this free online course. 

Programme Details

This online course is broken down into 6 modules...

Module 1

Module 1

Introduction & Installation

Module 2

Module 2

Basic Syntax & Collections

Module 3

Module 3

Functions & Modules

Module 4

Module 4

String & File Processing

Module 5

Module 5

Exceptions & Object-Oriented Programming

Module 6

Module 6

Conclusion and next steps

Training Team

Rick is an experienced instructor, entrepreneur, and developer. He has delivered hands-on training to developers at companies ranging from a dozen developers to the Fortune 50, at locations including Atlanta, San Francisco, Beijing, Dublin, Bangalore, Singapore, and more. Rick is the principal consultant and instructor at Arborian Consulting, LLC.

Rick is the author of MongoDB Applied Design Patterns and Essential SQLAlchemy (co-author).