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Introduction to AI using Microsoft Cognitive Services

30-31st October 2019, Hong Kong

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Course Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI is all the rage these days. However, unless you have a PhD in AI, AI programming remains an elusive field to many developers. But this should not be the case. What most developers want is the ability to integrate AI capabilities into their applications, without knowing the nuts and bolts of how AI works.

In this course, Wei-Meng Lee will introduce to you Microsoft’s Cognitive Services APIs and teach you how to incorporate AI capabilities into your applications without needing to build the AI services from scratch. Developers simply need to choose the relevant algorithms from the Cognitive Services for their needs and requirements.

Easlr Bird: $1095

Hong Kong: 30-31 Oct 2019

PRICE: $1195


Why choose this course?


  • Hands-on training. You will get to use the platform to create intelligent products
  • This course will show you how to benefit from AI services without being trained in data science
  • Expert guidance. Wei-Meng Lee has over 15 years’ experience dedicated to training software developers and engineers across the world on various technologies

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be able to:

  • Use the various services and APIs in the Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Incorporate AI services into the various types of applications - Python, Android, and iOS
  • Understand how to get their apps to:
    • Make smart recommendations
    • Perform language translations
    • Recognise users and emotions
    • Perform web searches
    • Recognise speech

Benefits for organisations:

  • Identify how they can use AI in their products without the need to upskill their staff or hire external talent.
  • Produce intelligent products and services