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A unique learning opportunity, supported by Google for the brightest and best talent globally

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Course Overview

The Innovation Mini MBA is a fully immersive learning experience, focusing on deep dive case studies and experiential engagement. This unique programme provides individuals and organisations with the tools to implement lasting innovation through problem definition, idea scaling and prioritisation.

Over the course of 5 days, you will work through B2B and B2C business simulations using case study methods employed by top business schools. The programme develops skills from post-it to prototype, offering valuable skills to be transferred back to your organisation.

Early Bird Price: £3,000+VAT

London: 19-23rd November 2018

PRICE: £3,500+VAT


Why choose this course?

Why choose Innovation Mini MBA?

  • Gather the necessary tools for tackling Innovation
  • Learn how to plan and implement innovative strategies
  • Engage with heads of corporate innovation
  • Gain key insights through the analysis of deep dive case studies
  • Develop transferable skills through practical business simulation

Who is it for?

  • Executives
  • Senior Management 
  • Marketing Teams
  • Commercial Teams
  • Innovation Professionals
  • Large/Medium sized companies

Programme Modules

  • Empathize – An introduction to innovation
  • Validate & Ideate – Idea generation/selection
  • Prototype – Visualisations and business model
  • Build – Financials, planning and metrics
  • Pitch – Finalise the story

Learning Outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Practically apply tools and methods of innovation in B2B and B2C environments
  • Develop confidence identifying and selecting innovative strategies
  • Absorb the challenges of innovation through the creation of practical prototypes
  • Network with industry leaders and like-minded individuals
  • Take home an Innovation handbook, tools, research and videos

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Drive innovative culture in your business through employee engagement
  • Equip your innovation ambassadors with the latest tools and framework
  • Help sustain creativity in your organisation through shared interest
  • Create cost effective and easily measurable innovation strategies
  • Quickly validate ideas to create immediate commercial impact
  • Understand and overcome the barriers preventing innovation

See The Journey Of Past Graduates

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Programme Details

Module 1

Empathize – define the user problem

  • Mindset, key tools and models
  • How does Google drive innovation?
  • Defining the problem and stakeholder mapping
  • Creating your persona

Module 2

Validate/Ideation – conduct a problem interview and ideate solutions

  • Managing Corporate Ideation - talk from Wazoku
  • Gathering customer insights
  • Uncovering the unmet needs
  • Generating, sorting and prioritising ideas
  • Group idea selection

Module 3

Prototype – visualise your idea

  • The Innovation Process - Ford
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sketching and visualisation
  • Practical and rapid prototyping
  • Business model canvas

Module 4

Build – shape your business case, consider new innovation metrics

  • Innovating in large organisations - BT
  • Business model innovation
  • Picking the right metrics for your project
  • How to build your business case and secure funding
  • Utilise effective storytelling and overcome objections

Module 5

Pitch – present your idea to the board

  • Creating a business innovation centre – Konica Minolta
  • Finalise the story and develop the pitch
  • Team pitches to industry and innovation experts
  • Your next steps for enabling change
  • Wrap up, review and feedback

Our Speakers

Nicola Darke

Director of Customer Success, Wazoku

Brian Rutter

Systems Engineering Manager, Ford Motor Company

Milan S Lakhani

Senior Client Principal, Konica Minolta

Rob Holtom

Head of Digital Transformation, BT

Rody Vonk

Innovation Consultant, Knect365

Jani Cortesini

Creative Strategist, Google ZOO

Past Delegates