Business Innovation Masterclass

Aligning Innovation With Your Business Strategy

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Course Overview

The hype around innovation is hard to miss. The pressure on businesses to define an innovation strategy and the process that delivers it is growing, as the success stories of innovative organisations like Airbnb and Netflix continue to be well documented.

The key question for organisations is now progressing from if, to how do we innovate? In this online course, we will take you through an innovation process step-by-step, equipping you with practical tools, and providing illustrative case studies of their use. The course will give you the opportunity to try the tools out for yourself – from establishing where to innovate and how to begin, to building and pitching your own business case.

Early Bird Price: £499 + VAT

Online Academy: Starts 9 July 18

PRICE: £599 + VAT


Why Choose This Course?

Why choose Business Innovation Masterclass?

  • Learn to pick the right innovation metrics for their project
  • Contribute in developing a work environment that embraces innovation. (share a common language, common processes, tools etc) 
  • Understand different types of business models and how/when to apply then
  • Use quick prototyping techniques to speed up product/service development 
  • Prepare and conduct a problem interview with their user/customer

Who is it for?

  • Product Managers
  • Research & development managers
  • Marketing / Sales managers
  • Consultants
  • Strategy leaders
  • Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs
  • Anyone willing to improve innovation within their organisation

Programme Modules

  • Why Innovate
  • Empathise and Validate
  • Ideate
  • Prototype and Testing
  • Build 
  • Embedding Innovation

Learning Outcomes

What You Will Learn

  • Create: Create better prototypes and improve product testing
  • Strategise: Ask users more effective questions to uncover new areas of innovation
  • Implement: Structure an innovation project, select a business models and apply innovation KPI's
  • Innovate: Apply a variety of business innovation tools to aid product, process, marketing and organizational innovation

Benefits of Online Academy

  • Convenience and flexibility - Learn whenever you want – from the comfort of your home or office
  • Enabled for mobile – make use of downtime with easy bite sized chunks of learning
  • Learn and apply right now – immediately implement what you learn during the course
  • Become part of a professional learning community - discuss any problems with students and the Course Instructor
  • Cost effective – save on travel expenses, reduce unproductive down time and no crowded airports
  • Grow as a team - with multiple licenses, your team can share common language and use content together

Programme Details

Module 1

Why Innovate

  • What is innovation and what are the different types?
  • The basis for successful innovation
  • Where does innovation start?
  • Why is it so important in business today?
  • Exercise – Innovation Kickstarter

Module 2

Empathise and Validate

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Classifying your user - Customer persona creation
  • What is the current customer reality - Customer journey mapping
  • Break down & define the right problem – problem statement framing

Module 3


  • Creativity: the power of a serious approach
  • What stops us generating new ideas?
  • The Creative Process – Structure
  • Ideation: effective brainstorming techniques
  • Idea selection and priortisation

Module 4

Prototype and Testing

  • Customer Journey Mapping – What if?
  • Prototyping & Visualization methods
  • Techniques and guidelines for successful application – build, measure, learn
  • Testing your prototype – Planning and best practice

Module 5


  • Business Model Canvas - examples from Airbnb and Nespresso.
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Innovation Accounting – picking the right metrics for your project

Module 6

Embedding Innovation

  • Creating a culture for innovation
  • Barriers to success – why do innovation functions fail
  • Influencing others – bringing people into the process

Course Director

Rody Vonk

Rody Vonk has been working as an innovation consultant and trainer for over fifteen years. Nowadays Rody uses his creative background in developing disruptive ideas and strategies for organizations that get stuck in their daily routine or projects.