Blockchain Masterclass

Unlocking the full potential of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Course Overview

The Blockchain Masterclass offers a broad insight into the technological gold rush of blockchain advancements. Proposals are flooding the market: from blockchain-enabled payments through to Amazon and Uber Killers – all powered by blockchain.

The programme focuses on the inner workings of blockchain, strategy development and the different approaches to blockchain technologies. On completion of the programme, you will be confident to initiate innovation around blockchain within your business, allowing you to thrive in this new digital economy.

In-Company Only

Duration: 3 Days

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Why choose this course?

Why Choose the Blockchain Masterclass?

  • Gain key insights into the inner functions and structure of blockchain
  • Develop business strategies using industry leading case studies
  • Learn how to assess the opportunities, threats and limitations of blockchain
  • Understand the different approaches to blockchain technologies 
  • Implement innovation around blockchain in your business

Who Is It For?

  • C-Level Managers
  • Individuals in Finance/Banking
  • Product managers and Engineers
  • Strategy Managers
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Architects

Programme Modules

  • Blockchain Fundamentals – Explore blockchain and how it works
  • Blockchain Essentials – How identity, tokens and smart contracts impact blockchain
  • Application and Implementation – How you can prepare for blockchain implementation

Learning Outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Gain extensive knowledge of the inner layers and workings of blockchains
  • Gather insight into the emerging technologies and industries utilising blockchains
  • Develop the knowledge to integrate blockchain strategies
  • Use real world scenarios to drive blockchain implementation 
  • Initiate innovation around blockchain

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Drive innovative change to solve operational pressures 
  • Identify blockchain technologies that will benefit your business objectives
  • Plan and prepare your business for blockchain implementation
  • Develop unique implementation techniques to maximise the success of your business
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the digital economy 

Programme Details

Module 1

Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Introduction to blockchain concepts
  • The different types of blockchains
  • The different layers of blockchain applications
  • Rules of blockchain protocol
  • Structure of a block
  • Cryptographic concepts

Module 2

Blockchain Essentials

  • Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Input vs Output of transactions
  • How identity is passed through blockchains
  • Smart contracts
  • Crypto tokens
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Module 3

Application and Implementation

  • Applications of blockchain
  • The decision tree
  • Road to implementation
  • Implementing blockchain within your organisation