AI in Enterprise: Strategic Implementation

Generating Effective AI Strategy

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Course Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) is showing tremendous potential for transforming the world of enterprise. A recent poll by Forbes found that 80% of C-level executives indicated the future of the businesses ‘will be informed through opportunities made possible by AI’.

The AI in Enterprise workshop provides a guide to forward-looking strategy, enabling individuals to design their own AI implementation roadmap. The programme narrows the gap between technical teams and executives, providing realistic examples of how AI has improved products, processes and workforce. The setting is interactive, collaborative, and uses a gamified approach to deliver learning in an engaging and exciting manner.

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London: 12th June 2018



Why choose this course?

Why choose AI in Enterprise?

  • Gain insight from recent advancements and applications in AI technology
  • Develop an understanding of successful and unsuccessful AI implementation
  • Generate ideas on how to improve products, services and processes
  • Devise organisational changes to integrate AI products within your Business
  • Learn how to build and better exploit data assets

Who is it for?

  • Leaders and Strategists
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Heads of Innovation
  • IT Directors
  • Chief Strategy Officers

Programme Modules

  • AI Applications in Business
  • Enhancing Products/Services and Your Workforce
  • Obstacles to AI Implementation
  • Your Implementation Roadmap

Learning outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Develop confidence analysing the different applications of AI
  • Understand the reasons behind successful and unsuccessful AI Implementation
  • Drive ideas for AI implementation in your team
  • Empower other to deliver and implement a strategic AI roadmap
  • Learn how to build and better exploit data

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Identify potential areas for AI application
  • Improve products, services, processes and workforce by applying AI concepts
  • Integrate AI products within your ‘businessas-usual’ activities
  • Provide meaningful automation and scale to business processes
  • Avoid failure using insights from successful as well as failed AI use cases

Programme Details

Module 1

AI Applications in Business

  • Introduction to AI applications
  • Integrated group activities
  • AI in the World of Enterprise

Module 2

Enhancing Products/Services and your Workforce

  • Enhancing products
  • Enhancing processes
  • Enhancing Workforce
  • Use case application for product R&D

Module 3

Obstacles to AI Implementation

  • Organisational hindrances
  • Data management
  • Security, cultural factors and regulatory landscape
  • What could go wrong?

Module 4

Your Implementation Roadmap

  • Strategic Changes
  • Organisational and management changes
  • Your ideal management structure and characteristics
  • Technical teams