Advanced Strategies for Corporate Innovation

11-12 June 2019, London

Delivering advanced techniques to overcome challenges in corporate innovation for experienced innovators

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Course Overview

Experienced innovation professionals can quickly come to the realisation that ideation and development of the initial idea could be considered the “easy part”. Operating under business as usual conditions comes with its own distinct challenges and as innovators they must always have new tools, processes and ideas to overcome these obstacles.

Whether juggling competing internal agendas and organisational bureaucracy, effectively reporting and demonstrating project performance, or considering external input on internal challenges, today’s innovators understand the need to stay agile, open minded and adapt to their environment to succeed. This course is specifically designed for professionals seeking inspiration to common corporate innovation challenges, who want to share their own experiences and learn from others in order to find new resolutions.

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London: 11-12 Jun 2019

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Why choose this course?

What sets this programme apart?

  • Understand how and why collaborative innovation platforms can be used to source new ideas and fuel internal innovation projects
  • Gain inspiration for overcoming internal challenges such as organisational red tape, resistant middle management and underdeveloped innovation culture
  • Realise the potential held by innovation specific metrics and KPIs and understand how to deploy them in corporate environments
  • Exchange experience, cases, stories and solutions with delegates from across industry categories and innovation types

Who is it for?

  • Experienced Innovators already well versed in design thinking and executing innovation programmes
  • Disruptors who are looking to bring innovation excellence to their organisation through the use of new methodologies
  • Leaders who are tasked with overcoming stakeholder barriers, finding suitable innovation metrics and delivering new tools

Programme modules

  • Design Thinking expanded - Discover new test and learn models that compliment strategic and design thinking
  • The power of collaborative innovation - How and why establish collaborative innovation platforms to bring external ideas and solutions to internal business challenges
  • Roadblocks in corporate innovation - gain strategies, advice and share experience on how to navigate leadership, red tape, cultural and organisational challenges
  • Measuring Innovation - understand and apply innovation specific metrics and KPI’s suitable for corporate environments

Learning outcomes

Benefits for Professionals

  • Discover the value of collaborative innovation to corporate innovation programmes using a variety of models
  • Gain new insight, frameworks and tools for overcoming managerial, cultural and organisational hurdles
  • Effectively measure, track and demonstrate the value of your innovation programmes
  • Expand your knowledge of test and learn processes beyond design thinking

Benefits for your Organisation

  • Understand how and why platforms hold significant potential value to your organisation’s innovation practices 
  • Ensure your innovation teams have the strategies and tools to navigate common leadership and organisational hurdles
  • Implement corporate-ready metrics and KPIs that support your innovation culture to launch more successful projects, and end poorly performing ones
  • Empower your teams do more with additional advanced innovation methodologies that go beyond the initial gains from design thinking
  • Utilise the right innovation models for the right opportunities

What will you cover?

Module 1

Design thinking expanded

New test and learn methodologies, including:

  • Multivariate testing
  • Data science
  • UX pains and gains
  • Reverse innovation

Module 2

The power of collaborative innovation

Collaborative / open innovation principles and alternative strategic directions:

  • Why look externally for internal problems, and what issues does this create?
  • Hackathons and why they only work for some industries
  • Directed vs. suggestive, invitational vs. participative

Module 3

Roadblocks in corporate innovation

Strategies, advice and experience sharing on how to overcome:

  • Resistant layers of management
  • Excessive organisational bureaucracy
  • Restrictive company culture

Module 4

Measuring innovation

Understand why existing business metrics fail and how innovation must be incremental not cannibalistic, including:

  • Why breakthrough innovation can be a bad thing
  • Measuring using agile and scrum
  • The importance of net promoter scores

Is it for you?

Experienced innovators

...already well versed in design thinking and executing innovation programmes


...who are looking to bring innovation excellence to their organisation using new methodologies and techniques


...who are tasked with overcoming stakeholder barriers, finding suitable innovation metrics and delivering new tools

Job Titles include

Senior Staff, Managers, Heads from: Innovation, Product / Portfolio / Service teams, Development, Research and Development, Marketing, Sales, Business, Development, Strategy / Planning

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