8 Steps to Internet of Things

Your roadmap to the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Course Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) can now be seen across a variety of industry sectors, with many products already compatible and many more to follow. The Internet of Things is considered as disruptive technology as it changes the way products are used, operated and serviced, promoting change to the rules of the game in many industries.

The 8 Steps to the Internet of Things training course provides a framework of how to develop a successful IoT roadmap. The programme focuses on the most essential use cases, a suitable IoT architecture, business logic, monetization models and ecosystem concepts. Combining application examples and practical advice, the training provides the necessary tools needed to apply an IoT strategy to your own business case.

In-Company Only

Duration: 2 Days

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Why choose this course?

Why Choose 8 Steps to IoT?

  • Understand the business opportunities and market potential of the IoT
  • Learn a variety of applications and uses of the IoT
  • Develop structured IoT concepts using the 8 steps method
  • Evaluate business model alternatives and monetization strategies
  • Drive the development of an ecosystem
  • Compile your comprehensive IoT roadmap

Who is it for?

  • Senior/Middle managers
  • Development Manager
  • Telecoms/IT/Digital Consultants
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Managers
  • Revenue Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Strategy Managers
  • Product Engineers/Architects
  • Software & App Developers
  • Future-Thinkers/Consultants
  • CTO’s
  • IT Architects
  • Database Development Specialist
  • Supply Chain Managers

Programme Modules

  • Applications and Uses of IoT
  • Use Case Model
  • Technology Stack
  • Business Logics
  • Connectivity
  • Value Capture Models
  • Maturity Model
  • Your IoT Roadmap

Learning Outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Understand positioning within the IoT market
  • Learn how to develop structured IoT concepts from planning to implementation
  • Develop the ability to create business logic patterns
  • Gain knowledge of data streams, connectivity options and impact
  • Learn how to specify objects and relations to the IoT stack

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Implement applications and use cases that will add value to your organisation
  • Drive effective business logic patterns
  • Derive data streaming and storing requirements
  • Adapt product specification and design processes
  • Create an effective IoT roadmap to drive future projects
  • Evaluate business model alternatives and monetization strategies

Programme Details

Module 1

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Applications and uses if IoT
  • The use case model

Module 2

  • The IoT technology stack
  • Transferring use cases into the IoT stack
  • Organising Projects

Module 3

  • Business Logics
  • Practical case for designing business logics
  • Managing data security in IoT networks

Module 4

  • Connectivity – the entrance to IoT
  • Local networks and different connectivity option
  • Value capture models

Module 5

  • IoT Maturity model
  • Your roadmap for the IoT